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Kerrie Mullins-GunstHi my name is Kerrie Mullins-Gunst and I coach leaders and managers and other high potential individuals in both how to be more effective at what they do, while enjoying their life more.

One of the biggest challenges faced by so many of the people I work with is how to manage the mounting stress they are under today. Stress can sap your love of life and make even the simplest tasks a burden. Yet every day it seems there is more and more stress we have to contend with.

Are you struggling under growing stress at work - and at home - too? If you are, you are not alone!

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Some of the things I will share with you include:

How to break free of the problems that excessive stress can cause you while still retaining the positive benefits that some stress can provide - and yes there are some! We'll look at what they are...

Why something you would normally cope with quite easily can suddenly cause you to snap - or snap at someone - and what you can do about it.

The incredibly powerful but simple perception switch that can totally change your stress levels in many different situations.

Exactly how to identify your biggest stressors - and their hidden causes - in each of the six critical areas.

The Three Techniques for dealing with a stressful situation. If you are overlooking even one of these options you may be making things more stressful for yourself.

Six simple strategies to help you manage stress, and even stop it before it gets started. We'll look at why they are so helpful and how you can apply them.

Plus many more tips and tools, along with Bonus ebooks and lots of other resources

All modules are quick to read and easy to implement immediately

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